You Can Say You’re Strong or You Can Show Your Strength!

When asked, the average will person say they’re strong.  When someone touches a person’s muscles, one will be quick to say, “Yes, I am strong!”  When an achievement receives high reviews, you will hear echoes of, ” … yes, I am strong.”  Rarely do we allow for our strength to be shown.  My client, Justen Chatman, is one who showed his strength.  After faithfully rising through the sub-varsity & varsity levels for Dutch Fork High as a point guard, he was scheduled to lead the Silver Foxes’ Boys Varsity Basketball team as a Senior and Captain.

However during pre-season workouts, Justen tore his ACL and Meniscus .  This injury eliminated any opportunity  he thought he would have to lead his team to the 5A State Championship.  Instead, he opted to not walk away from the program but serve as a student coach.  He showed his strength to act as point guard without a uniform.  He PUSHED, DIRECTED and TRUSTED.  He pushed the players to understand that team work was the ONLY way that all things would work in their favor.  The team defeated Irmo High School for the first time in Justen’s 4 years at DFHS.  He directed the team from a perspective where the team would understand that Justen had played on the Varsity level before and his experience was a jewel that gave them an edge over other teams.  Moreover, Justen trusted that God made no mistakes and this was His will for him, concerning basketball.  He showed his strength to endure a setback that would have left many crying and questioning our Heavenly Father.

Time was well spent with Justen!  Deep inside, I wondered if we should include a basketball in our session, considering he didn’t get to play this year.  But I got rid of that thought and out came the ball, as we put up some solid shots under the gate …

Justen's Cap & Gown-11Justen's Cap & Gown-23Justen's Cap & Gown-30Justen's Cap & Gown-31

We wanted to pull in some brick to accompany his green cap and gown.  And with that being said, here are those images …

Justen's Cap & Gown-48Justen's Cap & Gown-60Justen's Cap & Gown-69

Wanting to finish off the session with a SLAM DUNK, we looked around and tried to figure how we could conclude without a turnover.  Great minds came together and we factored in some stairs …

Justen's Cap & Gown-99Justen's Cap & Gown-110Justen's Cap & Gown-86Justen's Cap & Gown-78

Buzzer went off (well, not really) and the session was over.  In a few weeks, Justen will be graduating with honors and headed off to the college of his choice.  Very easy to explain how proud I am of this young man that could have let his circumstances overshadow his ability to finish strong.  He went against the grain, gathered those that were weak, and showed his strength to those within earshot of hearing how true determination rises.  In the words of my client, I’M DONE.  Here are all JTC’s final images.  Snap at you later.  Be ez.  Peace.  #moseawell #beezpeace Justen's Cap & Gown-91

Drop Seeds … Prosper Financially

There are not many things as dear to me as folks that I have passionately encountered over the years. Not just the guy I met at the barbershop or the female who I held the door for. It’s the folks that have etched a spot in my mind & heart and forced me to remember small nuggets about them.  As a product of Orangeburg County School District 5, I started my public school education at Nix Elementary School.  Although I can’t remember everyone that I met at Nix, there are plenty of classmates I will never forget.  I attended Nix for kindergarten thru second grade and transferred to Marshall Elementary School for third and fourth grade.  When I reached high school at Orangeburg-Wilkinson High, I was reunited with a huge number of folks from Nix. One of those individuals was Towannia Bonaparte.  Towannia and I have a unique bond, where we graduated from high school the same year, as our mothers graduated together in 1967.  A lot of our upbringings and values are similar in nature. A big common ground we share is entrepreneurship. She contacted me last year to capture images for her first book, The Road Map to Financial Freedom. We braved the quick rain and pulled off some beautiful images.

She contacted me a few weeks ago and we set our schedules to produce images for her next book. You can pre-order her book on her website, Six Seeds Financial. We put our heads together and off we went. Here is an intro image of Towannia trying to determine if I am crazy or crazycrazy.

The session got started by pulling in usage of The Richland County Library. The nice staff allowed us to utilize their space. I am probably one of only a few folks that still indulges in the library, but I love spending time around all of the knowledge. Here is our opening shots with the books playing co-star

After the attire change, it was time to roll up our sleeves to shake up the home of the Dewey Decimal System. Here is a ‘behind the scene’ image of me giving directions to the Financial Guru

And off we went …

Whew! That was work. Lol. Just kidding. Towannia was a joy to work with again. There is beauty in working with repeat customers. I was a fan of the finished work from that day. From the look on her face, she looks pleased too.

Please visit Towannia’s website for the presale of her book on May 1, 2018.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Last week, I took it to the streets. I did the congregational thing. I ran the 41st Annual Cooper River Bridge Run 10K. Before you ask, YES I DID WIN THE RACE! It just so happen that 1,627 folks ran faster than me, but who’s counting?!? Here is a picture of my Finisher MedalYa likes??? Everyothat finished received one; The runners and the stunners … The walkers and the talkers … The complainers and the sustainers. They all got some bling. Great motivation for all to #getoverit

Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

From Brown Baby to Beautiful Bride

Seconds turn into minutes. Minutes roll into hours. Hours find a creative way to make themselves seen as days. As God has ordained, days are parts of years. It has taken many years that I have watched my cousin, Lauren, grow into the woman she has become. I have witnessed her move around as a newborn but on March 3rd, I saw her blossom as a bride. Lauren’s grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. So for years, our bond has been very eventful. It ranged from household gatherings to cookouts. We have experienced laughs and we have united through tears. One of the greatest moments thus far has been her wedding in Cayce, SC.

Months ago, she asked me if I would take her bridal portrait. I agreed and our next mission was to create magic at her place of choice, The South Carolina State House. Having shot there a few times, my challenge was to create a series that I had never done before. I always feel that “angles” are the key to a flattering image. With camera in hand and family by my side, off we went … Mother and Daughter getting the final touches together before we soared off into CLICK CLIQUE mode …

Lauren Bridal-1

In this shot, the bride-to-be is posing while staring off into the distance.  I think some folks were taking pics of her taking pictures.  lol.

Lauren Bridal-47

This photo embodies the beauty of seasons.  One of my favorite images that shows the bride being backlit with a nice, compressed background.  Oh how the beautiful scene looks with Lauren showing a ‘S-Curve’ and the leaves pulling up the rear. Stunning!!!Lauren Bridal-42

And ladies and gentleman: the chosen image for Lauren’s wedding day.  If I had to caption this photo, it would be BROWN IN THE PARK.  Very glad Lauren chose this photo because it was one of my top 3.

Lauren Bridal-16

Well that sums up the great time that I had with Lauren.  Never been one seeking a lot of attention, she handled the pressure of the day very well. I couldn’t help but think of her as a toddler, barely knowing how to walk.  And right before my eyes I saw her dancing with her husband as Mrs. Lauren B. Ikenegbu. Nice!!!!

how did THAT work out for you?!?

This section is a recap of my happenings from the week before.  It could be all fitness related.  It could be all photography. It could be food related.  Who knows, I just know that I will tell you about it and let you know how that worked out for me.

I got to see Kemba Walker become the all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets, as they went down in defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He scored “I AM THE LEADING SCORER” points in the closing seconds of the game. The crowd went wild!  He was embraced by LeBron James as the buzzer went off signaling the game’s end.  That was the least that he could do, after he obliviated the Hornets with 41 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists … but who was counting. #dunkcity

In preparation for ROAD RACE SEASON 2018, I logged a little less than 20 miles. The month of March was concluded with 101.3 miles.  Anytime I could do anything with “101”, it is honor of the Best Marching Band: The South Carolina State Marching 101 Band.  BAMMM!  I have a few races on the horizon, so it’s fine tuning time.  My daughter and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a very nice event, sponsored by GraceLife Church. The church members were very nice and welcoming.  Here is a collage of images taken on that day.


Welp, that wraps up the first blog post. It took years for it to happen. But it felt good completing.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #beEZpeace