Daddy & Me 5K

There are a lot of positives as it relates to “men.” There are a ton of negatives as it relates to the “male specimen.”   However when the word “DADDY” is added to the formula, the end result is nothing less than admirable.

Serve & Connect and Midlands Fatherhood Coalition combined forces to showcase the first DADDY and Me 5K in June of 2018. Serve & Connect was founded in honor of Forest Acres Police Department Officer Gregory Alia, who was killed in the line of duty on September 30, 2015. Here is the founder of the organization, Kassy, and her son, Salvatore.
Daddy & Me-22

Midlands Fatherhood’s Coalition is a father’s advocacy program whose purpose is to help non-custodial fathers overcome barriers that may prevent them from becoming an integral and effective part of their children’s lives.  Pictured below is the Executive Director, Angela, greeting the crowd.

Daddy & Me-16

Here we have Chief Kevin Cornett of the Springdale Police Department and Fraendy Clervaud of WACH Fox, setting the wheels into motion.

Daddy & Me-10

Once everyone was in place, it was time for SHOWTIME …Daddy & Me-29Daddy & Me-81Daddy & Me-90Daddy & Me-136Daddy & Me-201Daddy & Me-207Daddy & Me-211Daddy & Me-227Daddy & Me-234Daddy & Me-49

The race ended on a high note, with lots of high five, high heat and high expectations, as individuals prepared for the Daddy Olympics …

Daddy & Me-244Daddy & Me-249Daddy & Me-313
The day concluded with smiles by the race winners …

Daddy & Me-371

… medals being awarded to all children participants ..

Daddy & Me-391

… and a group photo capturing everyone in attendance.Daddy & Me-396

Outstanding time was had by all that witnessed the day.  The message was simple: Dad’s Matter. Whether a community member or a police officer, we all play an important role in supporting fathers. You can be a part of this mission by registering for the Daddy and Me 5K.  Sign up now for a worthy cause via this link: Daddy and Me 5K.

Snap at you later.

Choose Who You Will Treasure

At some point in time, everyone had a piggy bank. Whether the bank was made of ceramic, plastic or paper, there was no question about your dependence on if the bank could receive your money. Rarely would you put money in & second guess if the pig would steal your change.

Rosalyn , a gradute of the University of South Carolina, contacted me and told me that she had decided for the position South Carolina State Treasurer. Completely in awe, I raffled off a truckload of questions. Instead of answering them all, we agreed to work on them during our pre-campaign session. This would not be our first session, where in I captured images for her prior to receiving the South Atlantic Regional Member of the National Finance Committee for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. So, we met and tried to make things work.  It started with laughter and realizing we needed to be serious …

Glenn for Treasurer-12

Eventually, we got it together.  And it was time to get some shots because no one wants a jokester being their Treasurer

Glenn for Treasurer-27

In the midst of changing lenses after a wardrobe change, I was able to catch Rosalyn staring off into space.  Glenn for Treasurer-39

After realizing what I was doing, I was questioned if I was getting images without her permsission

Glenn for Treasurer-40

I confessed and continued with our session.  Before we could wrap, she was greeted by a citizen of the State of South Carolina.   She was able to provide details to what she would be doing as the newly elected Treasurer.Glenn for Treasurer-79

Outstanding time with Rosalyn!  As we approach November, I am very excited to be a part of history.  I am elated to be attached to someone that I have known for over two decades, that is looking to elevate the State of South Carolina to new heights.  If you are reading this, I ask that you keep Rosalyn in mind when you go vote in the November 6 elections.  Remember, WE R BETTER TOGETHER!

how did THAT work out for you?!?

The mission is to keep moving.  Sitting still is never an option.  My weekend started with a run of 11 miles and then it was back to be a responsible contributor to society.  I had the opportunity to take my little Ballerina to Ballet.  Very proud of her, I took my first picture of her in the Ballerina outfit.

Wow!  Time flies and I can’t believe she has gone from crawling to doing funny stuff with her feet.  Interesting.  Very interesting, I say.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

why not let the SCHOLAR drive the SHIP!?!

Mid-April is always a beautiful time in the state of South Carolina.  The flowers start to bloom, while the temperatures embrace the true meaning of Spring. Over at the Brookland Baptist Church, the high school seniors are eagerly anticipating what award they have received.  High school seniors that (1) have attended Brookland over the past 3 years or (2) were raised in the church have the chance to complete the scholarship application for an opportunity to receive one of the Scholarship & Education Assistance awards.

Since 1987, Brookland has awarded more than 300 scholarships.  There are numerous levels that the students qualify for:

  1. Deacon’s Education Award – $500
  2. Pastor’s Education Award – $750
  3. Bronze Scholarship – $1,500
  4. Silver Scholarship – $2,000
  5. Gold Scholarship – $2,500

In the fall, the 25 graduating seniors are scheduled to attend various institutions, including  South Carolina State UniversityHoward UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyClemson University and Benedict College.  Their majors will comprise of studies in Spanish, Biomedical Engineering, Broadcast Communication, Computer Information System, Physical Therapy and more.

Here are 21 scholars that I photographed and were presented to the congregration on April 15th …
Brookland Senior 2018-1Brookland Senior 2018-2Brookland Senior 2018-3Brookland Senior 2018-4Brookland Senior 2018-5Brookland Senior 2018-6Brookland Senior 2018-7Brookland Senior 2018-9Brookland Senior 2018-10Brookland Senior 2018-11Brookland Senior 2018-12Brookland Senior 2018-8Brookland Senior 2018-13Brookland Senior 2018-14Brookland Senior 2018-15Brookland Senior 2018-16Brookland Senior 2018-17Brookland Senior 2018-18Brookland Senior 2018-19Brookland Senior 2018-20Brookland Senior 2018-21

Continued success to the SCHOLARS, as they drive the SHIP called Adulthood.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Last week, I took it to the streets. It was all about breaking the day.  So, I competed in the DayBreak 10 Miler & 5K Race.  The weather was next to perfect at 61 degrees!  Not one of my strongest performances, but I was pleased with my 5K results.  I placed third in the category of Male Masters Overall.  Yippee!  Here is a picture of me sporting my medals and some random shots from that day …

Not bad, wouldn’t you agree???  April is still the start of the race season and there is time to train harder and perform better in the days and weeks to come.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

Drop Seeds … Prosper Financially

There are not many things as dear to me as folks that I have passionately encountered over the years. Not just the guy I met at the barbershop or the female who I held the door for. It’s the folks that have etched a spot in my mind & heart and forced me to remember small nuggets about them.  As a product of Orangeburg County School District 5, I started my public school education at Nix Elementary School.  Although I can’t remember everyone that I met at Nix, there are plenty of classmates I will never forget.  I attended Nix for kindergarten thru second grade and transferred to Marshall Elementary School for third and fourth grade.  When I reached high school at Orangeburg-Wilkinson High, I was reunited with a huge number of folks from Nix. One of those individuals was Towannia Bonaparte.  Towannia and I have a unique bond, where we graduated from high school the same year, as our mothers graduated together in 1967.  A lot of our upbringings and values are similar in nature. A big common ground we share is entrepreneurship. She contacted me last year to capture images for her first book, The Road Map to Financial Freedom. We braved the quick rain and pulled off some beautiful images.

She contacted me a few weeks ago and we set our schedules to produce images for her next book. You can pre-order her book on her website, Six Seeds Financial. We put our heads together and off we went. Here is an intro image of Towannia trying to determine if I am crazy or crazycrazy.

The session got started by pulling in usage of The Richland County Library. The nice staff allowed us to utilize their space. I am probably one of only a few folks that still indulges in the library, but I love spending time around all of the knowledge. Here is our opening shots with the books playing co-star

After the attire change, it was time to roll up our sleeves to shake up the home of the Dewey Decimal System. Here is a ‘behind the scene’ image of me giving directions to the Financial Guru

And off we went …

Whew! That was work. Lol. Just kidding. Towannia was a joy to work with again. There is beauty in working with repeat customers. I was a fan of the finished work from that day. From the look on her face, she looks pleased too.

Please visit Towannia’s website for the presale of her book on May 1, 2018.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Last week, I took it to the streets. I did the congregational thing. I ran the 41st Annual Cooper River Bridge Run 10K. Before you ask, YES I DID WIN THE RACE! It just so happen that 1,627 folks ran faster than me, but who’s counting?!? Here is a picture of my Finisher MedalYa likes??? Everyothat finished received one; The runners and the stunners … The walkers and the talkers … The complainers and the sustainers. They all got some bling. Great motivation for all to #getoverit

Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace