.. and from Beautiful Bride to Marvelous Mommy

The say that TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!  It seemed like just a few months ago when I shot bridal portraits for my cousin, Lauren.   Well, actually it was almost 3 years ago but who is counting?!?  I thought she would wait for me to published in Essence or Black Enterprise before we shot images again.  Silly me!  Looking back on that blog (From Brown Baby to Beautiful Bride), I was so happy for her.  Now, here she was, standing before me as a married graduate of Winthrop University.    This time, she was with her husband, Ben, a fellow Winthrop Eagle.  She looked a little different from the last time I had seen her in person.  Lauren was with child!

The session started very smoothly. I asked the PARENTS-TO-BE to sit and get comfortable, as I prepared my lighting.  It was time to put the Nikon to work. As they got comfy, I shot some candid images of them enjoying the South Carolina pre-summer air.
Lauren's Maternity-3

Once they were set and I was in place, we got a quick image of the couple (and the bundle of joy).

Lauren's Maternity-10

Not to be selfish and throw Cousin Ben away but this session was all about Lauren.  We slowly helped her up (she is in great shape: I’m just being dramatic) and she took position in front of a flower bed.  Lauren is a Nutritionist/Lactation Counselor.  Therefore, she has fitness, well-being and youth on her side. ūüôā With her dress flowing and the sun shining, the beauty of her maternalness was on full display.

Lauren's Maternity-13

I am a caring photographer.  So it wasn’t uncommon for me to allow the mother to catch a seat and hold her bundle of joy.  I managed to steal a moment of her caressing her baby.  A mother & her baby: what a combination to behold!!! 

Lauren's Maternity-21

Not only am I a caring photographer but I am an inclusive photographer.  Lauren and I had made some great memories.  I felt that it was time to get “Dad” back into the scene.  An Interal Auditor by trade, the image incapitulates Ben auditing the happiness of Lauren enjoying the day with him and the “little” one. Lauren's Maternity-25

As we moved toward the end of the session, we paused to allow Ben a chance to further appreciate the mother of his child in the form of an embrace and kiss on the forehead.
Lauren's Maternity-30

Quick to arrive and quick to leave, it was time to send my clients off on their way.  They had driven in from the city of Rock Hill to spend some precious moments with me.  Grateful for the opportunity, we ended our time together with one final shot of the three of them.  World, I present to you Ben, Lauren and Brayden Ndubuisi Ikenegbu!

Lauren's Maternity-48

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Special shout to all of the fathers that celebrate their day on this past Sunday.  I hope you had a great Father’s Day weekend and you feel more encouraged to do more than you have done already. We can always do more and make the world a better place to be.

Welp, that wraps up the latest blog.  I’ve been missing for a few but I’mmmm back.    Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #beEZpeace

Never Shall We Forget

Life is an interesting gift from God.¬† The gift sometimes is sprinkled with rays of sunshine that allows one to feel that nothing could be sweeter.¬† Often, the gift is tossed with salt and pepper, where one has bright and dark days.¬† And there are times when life is like looking in a mirror and questions you to say to yourself, ‚ÄúHow did I get here‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúWhere do I go from here?‚ÄĚ

I feel in my heart, that the latter analogy is something that creeps into the mind of individuals that have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Confused to how the disease enters their bodies and will they survive are common thoughts, from what I’ve heard from many.  In 2008, the Brookland Foundation believed that saluting Breast Cancer Survivors was a noble act.  Their mission was to have a celebratory, recognition program that served as a vehicle to recognize Breast Cancer Survivors.  On October 10, the group held their 10th COLOR PINK GALA

Color Pink 2018-220

This year’s event was emceed by the Dynamic Duo from the Brookland Baptist Church: K. Allen Campbell and Marnie Robinson

Color Pink 2018-86Color Pink 2018-95

There were many observations throughout the night but below are the Featured Survivors for 2018Color Pink 2018-68

The featured artist was none other than the talented songwriter and artist, 
Avery Sunshine

Color Pink 2018-100Color Pink 2018-109Color Pink 2018-112Color Pink 2018-114Color Pink 2018-138Color Pink 2018-141Color Pink 2018-147

Avery electrified the crowd with her powerful renditions of popular songs which placed men and women on their feet while praising God

Color Pink 2018-200Color Pink 2018-175Color Pink 2018-182Color Pink 2018-180Color Pink 2018-181Color Pink 2018-183Color Pink 2018-195Color Pink 2018-178

10/10, also known as October 10, was a memorable day in the lives of many.  Lots of hugs were given to survivors.  Many tears were dropped in remembrance of those no longer living.  The proof is in the pictures.  Here is a link to the gallery:  The Color Pink 2018.  All in all, the awareness of Breast Cancer was further amplified.  Prayerfully, there will be a cure one day soon.  Until that time, it is highly suggestive that women (and men) do self-examinations and receive a mammogram.  Early detection is the key and thank you Brookland Foundation for starting the Color Pink Gala.  As the years roll on, NEVER SHALL WE FORGET what you have done.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

In Everything, Think Health

Everyone has a quote or bible verse(s) that they makes them say “ahh haa!” If I had to speak for the Health & Wellness Program from Brookland Baptist Church, I feel as if I know their verse(s). It would be ‚Ä≠‚Ä≠1 Corinthians‚Ĩ ‚Ä≠6:19‚Ĩ-20 NIV , where it says ‚ÄúDo you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” Serving as an extension of The Brookland Foundation, they have been an advocate for health. ¬†The organization hosted a community health fair for 18 years that is open to everyone and provides free health screenings for diabetes, hypertension, prostate cancer, peripheral circulation problems, vision, dental, sickle cell disease, heart disease, and much more. ¬†Onsite screening mammograms are provided through the Lexington Women‚Äôs Imaging mobile mammography unit (insurance filed). ¬†HF 2018-121Additionally, the fair features numerous medical and health information booths.

I have been fortunate to capture many events for The Foundation. ¬†I was the official photographer for the annual Color Pink Breast Cancer Awareness for many years, dating back to 2011. ¬†Highly notable years were¬†2012, when¬†Tamela Mann¬†tore the roof off of the venue. ¬†Not to be outdone,¬†2014¬†left the crowd speechless after watching¬†Michael Israel¬†take paint and music to another level.¬†2017¬†saw saxophonist¬†Dante Lewis¬†rock the crowd!!! However in 2018, another great health fair was displayed. ¬†Spearheaded by my fellow¬†Charles B. Jackson Singers¬†choir member, Katrina Bridgette, the event was great!!! ¬†Here’s Trina welcoming the crowdHF 2018-9

Listed below are a few images from that day …
HF 2018-3
HF 2018-30HF 2018-52HF 2018-72HF 2018-86HF 2018-97HF 2018-102HF 2018-105HF 2018-124HF 2018-139HF 2018-201HF 2018-204HF 2018-216HF 2018-249

The day ended with a group photo of the helpers.  Another fabulous day in the community, with health being the underbelly of the success that was achieved by all that was in the number.
HF 2018-254

Here is a link to the images from the 18th Annual Community Health Fair.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Normally, I talk about last week in this section but being that this is my second blog post in the week, there is nothing else that I can say.  So, stay tuned for the next post.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace