Employee of the Century at Brookland Baptist Church

At a young age, we are told to do our “lesson”, graduate and get a good job. With that job, rarely do we think we will be an employee for over 30 years. Yes, reaching 50 years of service is common. But to reach 50 years on the job when you were “recruited” for the job 59 years ago is rare.

Rev. Charles Benjamin Jackson, Sr. is a native of West Columbia, SC, where he attended the public schools of Lexington School District 2. At the age of 9, Jackson began preaching and at the age of 10, he was licensed. When he was 18, he was installed as the Pastor of his home church, Brookland Baptist Church. Reverend Jackson went on to receive degrees from Benedict College, Morehouse School of Religion of the International Theological Center, Columbia International University and the University of South Carolina.

While on the job over the 5 decades, Rev. Jackson has been the leader of a church, whose mission is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, through evangelism, education and economic empowerment. A few building highlights of his tenure that have served the community in a mighty way are:

  1. Construction of a 2,200 seat sanctuary
  2. Construction of a 68,000 square Community Resource Center, which consist of the Health and Wellness Center, Academy Child Development Center, Banquet & Conference Center.
  3. Construction of the Brookland Federal Credit Union, the first (if not only) church owned Federal Credit Union
  4. Construction of a Community Learning Center, which consists of a Teen Center, Multi-Purpose Center, Children Church and other entities.
  5. Construction of the Brookland Baptist Church (Northeast Campus)

On October 17, 2021, it was time for the community & church to thank Jackson for his services. The service was held at the church and broadcasted via Facebook: Rev. Jackson’s 50th Anniversary Celebration. There were a plethora of dignitaries and speakers who shared reflections. Some noteworthy persons are:

  1. Rev. Carroll McGee
  2. Attorney I.S. Leevy Johnson, Owner & Director of Leevy’s Funeral Home
  3. Dr. Wendell Estep, retired Pastor of First Baptist Church Columbia
  4. Dr. Thurmond Bowens, Jr, Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church
  5. Dr. Jill Biden, current First Lady of The United States of America

Yup! You read that right! The First Lady made her way to the city of West Columbia. Not only did she bless the crowd, Pastor Jackson was blessed with the privilege of having an interchange named after him … right around the corner from his job. How cool! Here are a few pictures from that day …

When I tell you this was a day to remember, BELIEVE ME! Don’t believe me? Here is a link to all of the images highlighting the day: Pastor Jackson’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Gallery.

Well, this is where I get off. Chat at you. Be ez … click clique.

Build it & Be a Blessing

There is a church. It once was a little church. It is still a little church at heart but in statue, it is a little unsmall.

Brookland Baptist Church is located in West Columbia, SC. Under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Charles B. Jackson, Sr, the mission of the church is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, education and economic empowerment. Pastor Jackson had a vision to have a 3 phase building process.

Phase I was the construction of the large sanctuary. Phase II was the development of the Community Resource Center, Brookland Academy, Health & Wellness Center, and the Banquet & Conference Center. Phase III was to focus on the providing of classrooms, activity rooms, and administrative offices.

On July 25, Brookland held the Christian Learning Center Dedication Service and Ribbon Cutting. The building was built by Construction Dynamics. Below are a few images from the day

Here is a link for all images captured on that day: Brookland CLC Dedication Service & Ribbon Cutting.

I am very proud of Brookland for building a place for the community to enjoy themselves in a great and godly manner. I see this being a popular place in the West Columbia community to keep the kids safe and show them a fun way of enjoying “church life.” I pray now that Brookland has built it, they will come.

Snap at you later. Be ez … click clique.

Not 1, Not 2, Not … but 58 Years of Bliss!!!

For a whopping $0.31, a gallon of gas was yours.  There was a baby boy born that went onto become the 44th president of the United States, while answering to the name of Barack.  A young Seward found it not a crime to make a stunning Barbara his wife.  The year was 1961 and life was good in Hemingway, South Carolina.

From that union, life was greater than great.  Seward, a high school principal/chemistry teacher played golf in his free time and accepted the additional role of Daddy, over the following years.


A Licensed Practical Nurse, Barbara thrusted herself into church/community service and became the ideal mother for little ones.


Time was on their side and God allowed the couple to see life take form in 5 children: D’Ette Weaver, Adreane Grant, Bernita Stuckey, Seward Weaver, Jr. and Sherwood Weaver, Sr.



Although Sherwood passed at an early age, his life is still cherished and the family bond remains strong.


My session with the family was nothing short of fun.  Seeing the chemistry of the couple was great after being together over 50 years!  They fed off of each other for energy and admiration.



I sprinkled in the kids and the skies opened up.MSP_6571MSP_6644

I WEAVEDd out some astonishing pictures while capturing the Weavers.    Grateful to have snapped the pre-anniversary photos, the couple was quite funny when getting their “5” and “8” together.



Yeah, they had it right but I scripted it to appear even more exciting!  Here is a link to the other magic that we made: Weaver’s Session.

Check back in a few days for the highlights of their 58 Anniversary Celebration coverage for Mr. & Mrs. Seward Isaac and Barbara Joe Mention Weaver Sr.  Snap at you later!!!!

The Gospel of John gone Wild

When you hear the name of John, it is easy to equate it to the GOSPEL OF JOHN.  When you hear the word Gospel spoken, it is common to think of music.  But where does one’s mind go when they hear the words, “John singing gospel in the Carolinas?”  Puzzling.  Your mind could go to South Carolina or it go to North Carolina.  What if I told you that both are correct and South Carolina was able to craddle both in one day at one time.

South Carolina John (aka John Lakin) and North Carolina John (aka John P. Kee) decided to lend their talents to a local venue while targeting the Millenials.  Mission: provide a concert primarily to the young men and women between the age of 18-32, to let them know that Millennial Worship Matters.  Lakin pulled from his talented group of friends and packed the Brookland Baptist Church with a worship service that left attendees (young and old) happy to had been in the place.  The lineup was powerful with the talent of Mike Brown and F.O.C.U.S., Regina Skeeters, Kenny Smith, Derrick Bull and Remnant, Kimberly Sumter and Big Redd.  People came from near and far and then Lakin started the house to rocking …

John P. Kee Concert-1John P. Kee Concert-3John P. Kee Concert-6John P. Kee Concert-12John P. Kee Concert-18

Once the atmosphere was set, Derrick Bull and Remnant brought their “A” game

John P. Kee Concert-23John P. Kee Concert-33John P. Kee Concert-32

After the crowd was calmed down from Bull’s singing, Big Redd blessed all with ears.

John P. Kee Concert-45John P. Kee Concert-48John P. Kee Concert-55

When Big Redd finished, Kimberly Sumter took the roof further off the house.

John P. Kee Concert-65John P. Kee Concert-72John P. Kee Concert-73John P. Kee Concert-86

Barely containing their excitement, the crowd was fed a treat in gospel music from Kenny Smith.

John P. Kee Concert-96John P. Kee Concert-91John P. Kee Concert-106

When Kenny left, it was all about Regina Skeeters (and Mama Skeeters).

John P. Kee Concert-113John P. Kee Concert-124John P. Kee Concert-126John P. Kee Concert-140John P. Kee Concert-148

Mike Brown and F.O.C.U.S. grabbed the stage, it was hard to keep your seat.

John P. Kee Concert-160John P. Kee Concert-170John P. Kee Concert-171

Wide open from all they had seen & heard, it was time for North Carolina John to give the people what they wanted.  Boy did he bring THE FUNK.

John P. Kee Concert-198John P. Kee Concert-223John P. Kee Concert-224John P. Kee Concert-228John P. Kee Concert-236John P. Kee Concert-245John P. Kee Concert-253John P. Kee Concert-248John P. Kee Concert-272John P. Kee Concert-257John P. Kee Concert-274John P. Kee Concert-286John P. Kee Concert-295John P. Kee Concert-301John P. Kee Concert-334

Oh what a night!  Here are more images from that fantastic night: Click Here.  Whether you were unsure if THERE’S A LILY VALLEY or if you had questions about if JESUS IS REAL, everything fell into place on that night.  Young and old had a great time.  Not only was it evident that Millennial Worship Matters, all in attendance was in agreement that THERE IS NOTHING FINER THAN GOSPEL MUSIC IN THE CAROLINAS.

Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

why not let the SCHOLAR drive the SHIP!?!

Mid-April is always a beautiful time in the state of South Carolina.  The flowers start to bloom, while the temperatures embrace the true meaning of Spring. Over at the Brookland Baptist Church, the high school seniors are eagerly anticipating what award they have received.  High school seniors that (1) have attended Brookland over the past 3 years or (2) were raised in the church have the chance to complete the scholarship application for an opportunity to receive one of the Scholarship & Education Assistance awards.

Since 1987, Brookland has awarded more than 300 scholarships.  There are numerous levels that the students qualify for:

  1. Deacon’s Education Award – $500
  2. Pastor’s Education Award – $750
  3. Bronze Scholarship – $1,500
  4. Silver Scholarship – $2,000
  5. Gold Scholarship – $2,500

In the fall, the 25 graduating seniors are scheduled to attend various institutions, including  South Carolina State UniversityHoward UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyClemson University and Benedict College.  Their majors will comprise of studies in Spanish, Biomedical Engineering, Broadcast Communication, Computer Information System, Physical Therapy and more.

Here are 21 scholars that I photographed and were presented to the congregration on April 15th …
Brookland Senior 2018-1Brookland Senior 2018-2Brookland Senior 2018-3Brookland Senior 2018-4Brookland Senior 2018-5Brookland Senior 2018-6Brookland Senior 2018-7Brookland Senior 2018-9Brookland Senior 2018-10Brookland Senior 2018-11Brookland Senior 2018-12Brookland Senior 2018-8Brookland Senior 2018-13Brookland Senior 2018-14Brookland Senior 2018-15Brookland Senior 2018-16Brookland Senior 2018-17Brookland Senior 2018-18Brookland Senior 2018-19Brookland Senior 2018-20Brookland Senior 2018-21

Continued success to the SCHOLARS, as they drive the SHIP called Adulthood.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Last week, I took it to the streets. It was all about breaking the day.  So, I competed in the DayBreak 10 Miler & 5K Race.  The weather was next to perfect at 61 degrees!  Not one of my strongest performances, but I was pleased with my 5K results.  I placed third in the category of Male Masters Overall.  Yippee!  Here is a picture of me sporting my medals and some random shots from that day …

Not bad, wouldn’t you agree???  April is still the start of the race season and there is time to train harder and perform better in the days and weeks to come.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

In Everything, Think Health

Everyone has a quote or bible verse(s) that they makes them say “ahh haa!” If I had to speak for the Health & Wellness Program from Brookland Baptist Church, I feel as if I know their verse(s). It would be ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭6:19‬-20 NIV , where it says “Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” Serving as an extension of The Brookland Foundation, they have been an advocate for health.  The organization hosted a community health fair for 18 years that is open to everyone and provides free health screenings for diabetes, hypertension, prostate cancer, peripheral circulation problems, vision, dental, sickle cell disease, heart disease, and much more.  Onsite screening mammograms are provided through the Lexington Women’s Imaging mobile mammography unit (insurance filed).  HF 2018-121Additionally, the fair features numerous medical and health information booths.

I have been fortunate to capture many events for The Foundation.  I was the official photographer for the annual Color Pink Breast Cancer Awareness for many years, dating back to 2011.  Highly notable years were 2012, when Tamela Mann tore the roof off of the venue.  Not to be outdone, 2014 left the crowd speechless after watching Michael Israel take paint and music to another level. 2017 saw saxophonist Dante Lewis rock the crowd!!! However in 2018, another great health fair was displayed.  Spearheaded by my fellow Charles B. Jackson Singers choir member, Katrina Bridgette, the event was great!!!  Here’s Trina welcoming the crowdHF 2018-9

Listed below are a few images from that day …
HF 2018-3
HF 2018-30HF 2018-52HF 2018-72HF 2018-86HF 2018-97HF 2018-102HF 2018-105HF 2018-124HF 2018-139HF 2018-201HF 2018-204HF 2018-216HF 2018-249

The day ended with a group photo of the helpers.  Another fabulous day in the community, with health being the underbelly of the success that was achieved by all that was in the number.
HF 2018-254

Here is a link to the images from the 18th Annual Community Health Fair.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Normally, I talk about last week in this section but being that this is my second blog post in the week, there is nothing else that I can say.  So, stay tuned for the next post.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace


From Brown Baby to Beautiful Bride

Seconds turn into minutes. Minutes roll into hours. Hours find a creative way to make themselves seen as days. As God has ordained, days are parts of years. It has taken many years that I have watched my cousin, Lauren, grow into the woman she has become. I have witnessed her move around as a newborn but on March 3rd, I saw her blossom as a bride. Lauren’s grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. So for years, our bond has been very eventful. It ranged from household gatherings to cookouts. We have experienced laughs and we have united through tears. One of the greatest moments thus far has been her wedding in Cayce, SC.

Months ago, she asked me if I would take her bridal portrait. I agreed and our next mission was to create magic at her place of choice, The South Carolina State House. Having shot there a few times, my challenge was to create a series that I had never done before. I always feel that “angles” are the key to a flattering image. With camera in hand and family by my side, off we went … Mother and Daughter getting the final touches together before we soared off into CLICK CLIQUE mode …

Lauren Bridal-1

In this shot, the bride-to-be is posing while staring off into the distance.  I think some folks were taking pics of her taking pictures.  lol.

Lauren Bridal-47

This photo embodies the beauty of seasons.  One of my favorite images that shows the bride being backlit with a nice, compressed background.  Oh how the beautiful scene looks with Lauren showing a ‘S-Curve’ and the leaves pulling up the rear. Stunning!!!Lauren Bridal-42

And ladies and gentleman: the chosen image for Lauren’s wedding day.  If I had to caption this photo, it would be BROWN IN THE PARK.  Very glad Lauren chose this photo because it was one of my top 3.

Lauren Bridal-16

Well that sums up the great time that I had with Lauren.  Never been one seeking a lot of attention, she handled the pressure of the day very well. I couldn’t help but think of her as a toddler, barely knowing how to walk.  And right before my eyes I saw her dancing with her husband as Mrs. Lauren B. Ikenegbu. Nice!!!!

how did THAT work out for you?!?

This section is a recap of my happenings from the week before.  It could be all fitness related.  It could be all photography. It could be food related.  Who knows, I just know that I will tell you about it and let you know how that worked out for me.

I got to see Kemba Walker become the all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets, as they went down in defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He scored “I AM THE LEADING SCORER” points in the closing seconds of the game. The crowd went wild!  He was embraced by LeBron James as the buzzer went off signaling the game’s end.  That was the least that he could do, after he obliviated the Hornets with 41 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists … but who was counting. #dunkcity

In preparation for ROAD RACE SEASON 2018, I logged a little less than 20 miles. The month of March was concluded with 101.3 miles.  Anytime I could do anything with “101”, it is honor of the Best Marching Band: The South Carolina State Marching 101 Band.  BAMMM!  I have a few races on the horizon, so it’s fine tuning time.  My daughter and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a very nice event, sponsored by GraceLife Church. The church members were very nice and welcoming.  Here is a collage of images taken on that day.


Welp, that wraps up the first blog post. It took years for it to happen. But it felt good completing.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #beEZpeace