From Brown Baby to Beautiful Bride

Seconds turn into minutes. Minutes roll into hours. Hours find a creative way to make themselves seen as days. As God has ordained, days are parts of years. It has taken many years that I have watched my cousin, Lauren, grow into the woman she has become. I have witnessed her move around as a newborn but on March 3rd, I saw her blossom as a bride. Lauren’s grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. So for years, our bond has been very eventful. It ranged from household gatherings to cookouts. We have experienced laughs and we have united through tears. One of the greatest moments thus far has been her wedding in Cayce, SC.

Months ago, she asked me if I would take her bridal portrait. I agreed and our next mission was to create magic at her place of choice, The South Carolina State House. Having shot there a few times, my challenge was to create a series that I had never done before. I always feel that “angles” are the key to a flattering image. With camera in hand and family by my side, off we went … Mother and Daughter getting the final touches together before we soared off into CLICK CLIQUE mode …

Lauren Bridal-1

In this shot, the bride-to-be is posing while staring off into the distance.  I think some folks were taking pics of her taking pictures.  lol.

Lauren Bridal-47

This photo embodies the beauty of seasons.  One of my favorite images that shows the bride being backlit with a nice, compressed background.  Oh how the beautiful scene looks with Lauren showing a ‘S-Curve’ and the leaves pulling up the rear. Stunning!!!Lauren Bridal-42

And ladies and gentleman: the chosen image for Lauren’s wedding day.  If I had to caption this photo, it would be BROWN IN THE PARK.  Very glad Lauren chose this photo because it was one of my top 3.

Lauren Bridal-16

Well that sums up the great time that I had with Lauren.  Never been one seeking a lot of attention, she handled the pressure of the day very well. I couldn’t help but think of her as a toddler, barely knowing how to walk.  And right before my eyes I saw her dancing with her husband as Mrs. Lauren B. Ikenegbu. Nice!!!!

how did THAT work out for you?!?

This section is a recap of my happenings from the week before.  It could be all fitness related.  It could be all photography. It could be food related.  Who knows, I just know that I will tell you about it and let you know how that worked out for me.

I got to see Kemba Walker become the all-time leading scorer for the Charlotte Hornets, as they went down in defeat to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He scored “I AM THE LEADING SCORER” points in the closing seconds of the game. The crowd went wild!  He was embraced by LeBron James as the buzzer went off signaling the game’s end.  That was the least that he could do, after he obliviated the Hornets with 41 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists … but who was counting. #dunkcity

In preparation for ROAD RACE SEASON 2018, I logged a little less than 20 miles. The month of March was concluded with 101.3 miles.  Anytime I could do anything with “101”, it is honor of the Best Marching Band: The South Carolina State Marching 101 Band.  BAMMM!  I have a few races on the horizon, so it’s fine tuning time.  My daughter and I went to an Easter Egg Hunt. It was a very nice event, sponsored by GraceLife Church. The church members were very nice and welcoming.  Here is a collage of images taken on that day.


Welp, that wraps up the first blog post. It took years for it to happen. But it felt good completing.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #beEZpeace