Daddy & Me 5K

There are a lot of positives as it relates to “men.” There are a ton of negatives as it relates to the “male specimen.”   However when the word “DADDY” is added to the formula, the end result is nothing less than admirable.

Serve & Connect and Midlands Fatherhood Coalition combined forces to showcase the first DADDY and Me 5K in June of 2018. Serve & Connect was founded in honor of Forest Acres Police Department Officer Gregory Alia, who was killed in the line of duty on September 30, 2015. Here is the founder of the organization, Kassy, and her son, Salvatore.
Daddy & Me-22

Midlands Fatherhood’s Coalition is a father’s advocacy program whose purpose is to help non-custodial fathers overcome barriers that may prevent them from becoming an integral and effective part of their children’s lives.  Pictured below is the Executive Director, Angela, greeting the crowd.

Daddy & Me-16

Here we have Chief Kevin Cornett of the Springdale Police Department and Fraendy Clervaud of WACH Fox, setting the wheels into motion.

Daddy & Me-10

Once everyone was in place, it was time for SHOWTIME …Daddy & Me-29Daddy & Me-81Daddy & Me-90Daddy & Me-136Daddy & Me-201Daddy & Me-207Daddy & Me-211Daddy & Me-227Daddy & Me-234Daddy & Me-49

The race ended on a high note, with lots of high five, high heat and high expectations, as individuals prepared for the Daddy Olympics …

Daddy & Me-244Daddy & Me-249Daddy & Me-313
The day concluded with smiles by the race winners …

Daddy & Me-371

… medals being awarded to all children participants ..

Daddy & Me-391

… and a group photo capturing everyone in attendance.Daddy & Me-396

Outstanding time was had by all that witnessed the day.  The message was simple: Dad’s Matter. Whether a community member or a police officer, we all play an important role in supporting fathers. You can be a part of this mission by registering for the Daddy and Me 5K.  Sign up now for a worthy cause via this link: Daddy and Me 5K.

Snap at you later.

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