why not let the SCHOLAR drive the SHIP!?!

Mid-April is always a beautiful time in the state of South Carolina.  The flowers start to bloom, while the temperatures embrace the true meaning of Spring. Over at the Brookland Baptist Church, the high school seniors are eagerly anticipating what award they have received.  High school seniors that (1) have attended Brookland over the past 3 years or (2) were raised in the church have the chance to complete the scholarship application for an opportunity to receive one of the Scholarship & Education Assistance awards.

Since 1987, Brookland has awarded more than 300 scholarships.  There are numerous levels that the students qualify for:

  1. Deacon’s Education Award – $500
  2. Pastor’s Education Award – $750
  3. Bronze Scholarship – $1,500
  4. Silver Scholarship – $2,000
  5. Gold Scholarship – $2,500

In the fall, the 25 graduating seniors are scheduled to attend various institutions, including  South Carolina State UniversityHoward UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyClemson University and Benedict College.  Their majors will comprise of studies in Spanish, Biomedical Engineering, Broadcast Communication, Computer Information System, Physical Therapy and more.

Here are 21 scholars that I photographed and were presented to the congregration on April 15th …
Brookland Senior 2018-1Brookland Senior 2018-2Brookland Senior 2018-3Brookland Senior 2018-4Brookland Senior 2018-5Brookland Senior 2018-6Brookland Senior 2018-7Brookland Senior 2018-9Brookland Senior 2018-10Brookland Senior 2018-11Brookland Senior 2018-12Brookland Senior 2018-8Brookland Senior 2018-13Brookland Senior 2018-14Brookland Senior 2018-15Brookland Senior 2018-16Brookland Senior 2018-17Brookland Senior 2018-18Brookland Senior 2018-19Brookland Senior 2018-20Brookland Senior 2018-21

Continued success to the SCHOLARS, as they drive the SHIP called Adulthood.

how did THAT work out for you?!?

Last week, I took it to the streets. It was all about breaking the day.  So, I competed in the DayBreak 10 Miler & 5K Race.  The weather was next to perfect at 61 degrees!  Not one of my strongest performances, but I was pleased with my 5K results.  I placed third in the category of Male Masters Overall.  Yippee!  Here is a picture of me sporting my medals and some random shots from that day …

Not bad, wouldn’t you agree???  April is still the start of the race season and there is time to train harder and perform better in the days and weeks to come.  Snap at you later. BE EZ. PEACE!!! #moseawell #beEZpeace

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